What is the Buteyko Breathing Technique?
It is a series of breathing exercises that reduce the rate and volume of air that a person breathes and helps restore breathing to a correct level. Initial studies have indicated that Buteyko has been shown to help with Asthma and other breathing difficulties.
Once I learn this technique, how long will it take to have any effect?
Most asthmatics will notice an effect almost immediately. However results are individual. In the six randomized, double-blind studies for asthmatics, approximately 96% reduced their use of bronchodialators and 49% reduced their steroids use in 12 weeks.
Will I have to practice these exercises forever?
These exercises are meant to reduce your overall rate and volume of breathing to a better level. Once you are breathing the correct amount of air you can maintain that rate and volume by normal exercise and good lifestyle practices.
How can Hypnotherapy improve my breathing?
Changing habits can be difficult to do. By accessing your unconscious mind you can override old programming and create new habits. Hypnosis is ideal for learning how to be in a relaxed state. When you are in a relaxed state your breathing rate and volume change for the better.