What people are saying about Palo Alto Breathing Center:
My name is Colette. When I was 10 years old, I became ill with bronchitis. After I recovered from it, I still had issues breathing. I was then diagnosed with Asthma. I began using an inhaler, but not often. I didn’t think much of it because I was so young. As I became older, I played sports all the time and needed the inhaler more often. It still wasn’t a big issue for me. Then, after having my 4th child and being home to take care of my family, breathing became an issue. I think it was because of the Asthma I had, but also because of the amount of stress I now was dealing with on a daily basis. I was struggling to have clear thoughts, my memory wasn’t as sharp and my inhaler was being used much more often. I struggled for about 2 years.”
“Then I discovered Ann. I started meeting with her in 2010 twice a week. She was kind, gentle, patient and understanding. After the first session with her;I immediately started to get relief with my Asthma and breathing. My thoughts were clearer, I didn’t need my inhaler nearly as much! As I continued our sessions together, I felt better and better. I lost weight and my moods elevated! This method was so easy for me to learn. I practiced as much as I could because I felt so much better. I am so very grateful for finding Ann and the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Learning from Ann has made a tremendous wonderful impact on my life and health. I no longer need my inhaler. I have been able to teach my children about how important the way they breathe really is important to their health too. Ann still helps me if I have questions and is wonderful when returning my emails or phone calls. I encourage you to take your health and breath into your hands and learn Butyeko Breathing Technique from Ann Pianetta. I am so grateful for Ann Pianetta and the Buteyko Breathing Technique. I would be willing to talk to anyone who was considering learning Buteyko from Ann because she is such an amazing teacher.
Colette C., San Jose, CA
I have been suffering with Tinnitus for almost 4 years. In the first year my body reacted very strongly to this symptom. I got depressed, I lost a lot of weight, and was not able to sleep. Once I realized that I had to live with Tinnitus for the rest of my life because until now no cure had been discovered, I finally understood that the only solution was to know how to manage my Tinnitus. And, this is when I met Ann Pianetta. I wanted to learn about Hypnotherapy and had a consultation with her. Ann understood my needs and introduced me to breathing techniques using the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Beside this technique she introduced me to other methods which helped me to relax. Meeting her was very rewarding, because following her advice, I learned how to relax; my TMJ improved, my postnasal drip stopped, and I learned how to go to sleep even with tinnitus. Ann Pianetta knows how to listen, she demonstrates passion for her occupation, and she gives the feeling that she just wants to help her clients regardless of monetary terms and time.
Stella F., Palo Alto, CA
I found Ann Pianetta’s website on buteyko-usa.com after watching a few YouTube videos popularizing Buteyko’s breathing techniques. Although I am a self-learner, had already bought a couple of books on Buteyko breathing and could have possibly grasped some of the Buteyko essentials on my own, I decided to call and meet Ann to set up a few individual Buteyko training sessions. The sessions were excellent: efficient, practical, easy-going. Perhaps the most important something I learned during the course is that Buteyko method and the exercises have certain logical structure to them and that it surely helps to learn the techniques under a watchful eye of an experienced instructor.”
“Now to my results. I continued to diligently practice Buteyko breathing for about 6 months after my sessions with Ann. Then I stopped. Why? Because I am a lazy slob (as many men are) and I felt I could. My asthma was pretty much gone by then, with no inhalers or any other medications.  That was about 4 years ago now. Once in a while I do get the familiar sensation in my chest but no fear because I know how to handle it using whatever little I still remember of the Buteyko breathing method. This surely beats progressing on the inhalers to a breathing machine. Thank you Ann for your great help.
Vasily B., San Ramon, CA